Soil Resistivity Testing.

Apparent Resistivity Calculation.

Interpretation of measurements and additional geological and geophysical investigations.

Historical data investigation, include archives.

Grounding calculations, include multy-layered earth calculations.

Testing grounding during construction works.

Testing grounding after completion works.

Commissioning procedure for grounding.

Lightning protection calculation.

Lightning protection design.

Testing of lightning protection system, impedance testing, transient testing.

Chemical, electro-osmosis, electro-chemical soil testing for grounding.

Testing existing grounding and lightning protection system.

Issue recommendation for improving existing grounding and lightning protection systems. 

Temporary grounding design, installation, commissioning.

Grounding | Substation
Grounding | Substation

Grounding of HV Substation Fence

Grounding | Substation
Grounding | Substation

Grounding of HV Substation Mast

Grounding | Temporary
Grounding | Temporary

Power supply with temporary grounding

Grounding | Substation
Grounding | Substation

Grounding of HV Substation Fence




A competent electrical and mechanical engineer with a comprehensive knowledge of designing, developing and maintaining electrical, electro-mechanical, electromagnetic, cathodic protection (CP) systems, grounding, lightning protection and components to required specifications, focusing on the economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

A consistent track record of successfully completing projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover.




MSc.  – Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, RF

Object-Oriented Programming, Tel-Ran, Israel

Construction Quality Management for Contractors, USACE 

Electrical license (3×80A), Israel.

Electrical license Group 4, over 1000V, RF.

The Faraday Training Group, MAR4/OS4, MAR5, Marine/Offshore HV Systems, UK

Lloyd Register, Electrical & Control Engineer.

Lloyd Register, Corrosion Control.

NACE, CP3 Technologist, CP2 Maritime  CP Interference, S-CAT, NACE OQ1 - OQ40. USA.

NACE/IAEA, Engineering on CP, Base on CP. Israel.

STI/SPFA, Tank/Pipeline linings, USA

7 patents on CP and applied electro-physical technology.




Geological surveys, calculations, design and commissioning deep and shallow grounding.

Electrical power distribution system grounding, power transmission line grounding, instrumentation grounding, lightning protection and static electricity grounding. Earthing systems, impedance grounding. Bonding, Isolation various constructions.

Temporary grounding for various purposes.​