Soil Resistivity Testing.

Apparent Resistivity Calculation.

Interpretation of measurements and additional geological and geophysical investigations.

Historical data investigation, include archives.

Grounding calculations, include multy-layered earth calculations.

Testing grounding during construction works.

Testing grounding after completion works.

Commissioning procedure for grounding.

Lightning protection calculation.

Lightning protection design.

Testing of lightning protection system, impedance testing, transient testing.

Chemical, electro-osmosis, electro-chemical soil testing for grounding.

Testing existing grounding and lightning protection system.

Issue recommendation for improving existing grounding and lightning protection systems. 

Temporary grounding design, installation, commissioning.

Grounding, Earthing, Bonding LV and HV Equipment



Electrical Grounding Surveys for designed and existing systems.

Expertise, Review Grounding Solutions for designed and constructed facilities. 

Issue One-Line Diagram for existing electrical systems.

Issue Operational and Safe Working Procedures.

Hazardous Analysis and Hazardous Location Inspection for Grounding.

Mitigation influence of HV and LV power transmission lines on pipelines, field facilities, equipment.

Static electricity grounding design.

Instrumental grounding design. 

Bonding design for building foundations, water pipelines, gas pipelines, fuel/oil pipelines, sprinkler risers, hvac pipes.

Above and underground storage tank grounding design.

Grounding design in conjunction with cathodic protection of facilities on site, nearly placed buildings and constructions.

Checking equalizing of grounding potentials with various site facilities, issue recommendations.

Equipment specifications.

Grounding System Design
Deep and Shallow Ground Beds


Design the safest and most cost effective electrical grounding.

Grounding calculation using multi-layered model.

Foundation grounding design.

Testing of electrical, architectural, structural, plumbing, hvac, fire protection drawings in conjunction with grounding.

Step and touch potential studies.

Ground potential rise investigation and it mitigation.

Safety recommendations.

Mutual, conjoint grounding design, evaluation, inspection and recommendation.

Lightning Protection System Design



Lightning Risk Assessment.

Geological and soil survey.

Lightning Protection grounding design.

Sensitive electrical and control equipment clean grounding design.

Inspection existing Lightning Protection grounding within the facility.

Equipment specification, include grounding components, down conductors, air gaps and terminals.

Safety analysis of installation.

Soil Testing, Geological Survey before Grounding Design



Field soil measurements.

Soil resistivity testing, by means of Miller soil box.

Wenner, Schlumberge, Dipole and other geophysical surveys.

Additional geological survey.

Chemical, electro-osmosis, electro-chemical soil testing for grounding.

Historical data investigation, include archives.

Grounding calculations, include multy-layered earth calculations.

Apparent resistivity calculation, include modern a least-square minimizator algorithm, digital filter algorithm.


Temporary Grounding Design



Temporary grounding for standby and emergency generators, diesel generators design.

Grounding design for temporary facilities (containers, bridges, above and underground storage tanks, pipelines, etc.).

Equipment specification.

Inspection of installation works.


Commercial Building and Industrial Facilities Grounding Inspections and Services



Grounding testing and audit. Inspection existing and old grounding systems.

Commissioning new grounding systems. 

Grounding system analysis.

Upgrade and expansion existing grounding systems.

Equipment specifications. 

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